Gary Ordóñez

Gary Ordóñez

I am Salvadoran, and studied English and French and have graduate studies in Translation and Linguistics. I am currently studying my Master's in Curriculum Management, Didactics and Evaluation based on Skills. I have worked with the Nahuat language for 10 years now, by documenting it, learning how to speak it, consulting for the Government in the creation of material for Learning / Teaching Nahuat, and helping the Nahuan communities through social efforts. I speak Spanish (native), English, French, Nahuat and I currently work as a French Teacher at the Alliance Francaise in San SAlvador. I have also taught Phonetics, Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition for SIL.

11:50 am - 12:40 pm
Mexico Hall

Incorporación nominal en los verbos del náhuat salvadoreño